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Construction Financial Management 101

Financial management and accounting in construction is different from other industries. Learn how to read and understand financial statements, record transactions that are unique to contractors, and measure the financial health of your own company -- or a potential customer.
Fundamentals of lien notices

Lien Notice Fundamentals

The right to file a mechanics lien is given to nearly all construction businesses, but they need to take action to protect that right. Lien notices -- preliminary notices and notices of intent -- are powerful tools that often come with specific requirements. This course will introduce you to notice rules, best practices, and the benefits well beyond simply maintaining lien rights.
Fundamentals of Mechanics Lien Law course

Mechanics Lien Fundamentals

Everything contractors and suppliers need to know about the mechanics lien process, and why it's so effective at collecting payments faster. What is a lien, and who can file one? How do you actually file a mechanics lien, and what should you do after filing a claim? This course has the answers.
Thea Dudley teaches credit management

Fundamentals of Credit Management

In this construction credit foundations course, Thea Dudley will walk you step-by-step through the process to manage credit in the construction industry. Whether you are an office manager at a small distributor in Ohio, or you just joined the credit team at a national General Contractor, Thea will give you the knowledge, tools, and skills that take you — and your company — to the next level.
Lien Waiver Course Hero

Lien Waiver Fundamentals

Lien waivers are among the most common payment documents used on construction projects, but they can also be the most dangerous. In this certificate course, you'll learn what to look for when reviewing a waiver, why some states make them easier to navigate, and how to protect your company from making a costly mistake.

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