Lien Notice Fundamentals

A mechanics lien is the most powerful payment tool that construction businesses have to get paid. But it’s not an automatic right — contractors, suppliers, and other project contributors need to send notices at various stages of a job to protect their lien rights.

This introductory course is designed to give construction professionals the information they need to send notices, the confidence to explain them to customers and salespeople, and the ability to protect lien rights on any project.

Fundamentals of lien notices
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  • Approx 41 mins to complete this course
  • 4 sessions
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What you will learn

  • The two types of notices used in the mechanics lien process
  • The benefits of notices beyond lien rights
  • Where notices are required, and where they are optional
  • How to deliver notices to protect your right to lien
  • Deadlines for delivering a notice
  • How to ensure your company never misses a notice deadline
  • And more...
Lien Notice Fundamentals - Instructors

Meet your instructor

This course was written and edited as a collaboration between several construction lawyers and payment experts:

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